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Simone and Anna discussing mathematics in front of a blackboard.

Simone Ramello

Ciao! My name is Simone (he/him) and I am an Italian mathematician and science communicator. I am currently based in Münster, Germany.


By day, I am a third-year PhD student at the Institute for Mathematical Logic of the University of Münster, under the supervision of Franziska Jahnke and Martin Hils. I am also a member of the science communication team of the Cluster of Excellence “Mathematics Münster”. Throughout 2024, I am one of the spokepersons for the doctoral researchers of the Mathematics Münster Graduate School.
Before coming to Münster, I grew up somewhere in Piemonte, Northern Italy. I miss the sight of the Alps every day. I did both my Bachelor’s and Master’s studies at the Dipartimento di Matematica Giuseppe Peano of the University of Torino. I also worked as a scientific animator at Xké? Il Laboratorio della Curiosità, and co-founded a mathematics outreach collective called Come Volevasi Divulgare.


I am an algebraic model theorist, meaning that I use model-theoretic techniques to study algebraic objects. I am in particular interested in valued fields, which are fields endowed with a generalization of an absolute value, and their algebra, arithmetics and model theory.